Skills Based Approach

A Methodology for Lifelong Learning and Personal Growth

Skills Based Approach is a proposal to use the medium of skills laterally across subjects and disciplines and vertically across education, higher education, and career stages for learning, training, and personal growth. The methodology was proposed more than a decade ago and in two books (2013 and 2020).

Let's put each learner or worker in control by constantly cycling through four stages with an evolving skill set. Let the intervals be responsive, not necessarily governed by time.

Recently, the last couple years, there are references to the term Skills Based Approach by large, respectable media establishments. This clearly proves the relevance and value in our proposal. Our methodology is the HOW to do a Skills Based Approach.

Our team would like to announce apps that apply the methodology proposed in the book in a realistic, usable way for a learner or worker:  


Beginning Skills Based Approach Cycle